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Time for an Update!

It's been a couple of years since I updated this blog. So what's been happening?

Me and my Fiancé
  • I got engaged to the love of my life in Feb. 2022 after 7 years together! No marriage date as of yet - our focus is moving in together in a few months. Merging households is no joke!

  • Thanks to the universe, I survived the pandemic. No Covid-19. The weird thing is I got really ill in January 2020 and ended up in hospital for a few days. Diagnosis: CoronaVirus! Yes Corona, but not Covid-19! That was the first time I had ever heard of CoronaVirus and one month later the entire world would know that word!

  • The only good thing to come out of the pandemic is remote working. I now work mostly remotely and its been a godsend for preserving my energy but the downer is more inactivity which is not good either. I cannot even imagine having to go into the office five days a week! What? No thank you.

  • Ok, let's get real. I have become weaker. No doubt about that. More challenges. Latest difficulties include my range of motion (arms) so for example reaching kitchen closets or washing my hair; getting up from chairs/sofas/toilets; general mobility - I use my walking pole all the time now; getting in and out of my car... is the thing. The more challenges, the more creative and determined I become - so I manage all the above challenges -- I lean my arms on a grab bar to shampoo my hair, I use a spatula to open kitchen closets, I changed my toilets to higher ones, I choose higher chairs or make sure I have chair arms or am near a table to push off from, I have figured out the best ways to get in and out of my car and its not that difficult now. More on mobility below...

  • I decided to go back to physical therapy a few months ago despite my doctor informing me its a waste of time. Bullshit. As long as the therapist knows to not overdo exercises with me (which he does) - there are only advantages to PT even if just mental - feeling you have some control over your body. While at a session a few weeks ago - my therapist pointed at a walker sitting in a corner and said, why don't I try it out. Horrors!! Me? Use a walker. Urgh no no no. Just humor me said he - one lap, that's it. I became Sam I am in Green Eggs and Ham...I did a lap and could not believe the difference it made to my walking. So much more supportive than my walking pole. I liked how it felt! I am still trying to mentally accept that this could be a next step for me, especially for use in my work office which is a huge area. My mom uses a walker. Geriatrics use walkers. I know in the end, logic will win and I will overcome this mental challenge and continue to embrace aids that help me live a full, good life.

Stay tuned folks! Dani


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