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Miracle Balls?

About two months ago I started physical therapy with a new practice that was recommended to me by a close friend. I had been going to PT off and on for 2-3 years but because I need specialized PT - deep muscle massage - it is not easy to find a therapist, and especially a therapist who accepts insurance. To my utter joy - my new PT not only accepts my insurance, it is also much closer to home. What I love about my therapist is that instead of just massaging me or working on my ultra-tight, restricted muscles, she is teaching me how to work on myself! It's really empowering to know I can treat myself!

Enter the Miracle Balls. No, unfortunately juggling is not going to ease my muscle issues. Instead the Miracle Balls and the method behind them are described as "an innovative approach to movement, whereby the excess tension in our muscles gets relieved, allowing our body’s own alignment system to work.... empower(ing) each individual to make significant changes on their own and to reach their full potential for a healthy mind and body."

By nature I am a very skeptical person. I looked at these two balls and I thought now how the hell are these going to be of any help? But upon placing them under my glutes, my back and the muscles around my groin area - I think they are called gracilis but I could be wrong - I really felt a difference. The pressure from lying on the ball releases the tension in the muscles and really made me feel better. After one session of PT with the Balls - my therapist (who is straight up no bullshit type of gal) said she could see I was walking straighter and with more ease.

If you want to try the Miracle Balls - you can find them on Amazon for under $20. At that price, I would recommend anyone with tight muscles give it a try. I'm hooked!

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